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Teaching your children phonics has never been more fun, or easier than this!

Give your child a deep understanding of the sound, and when it is used.

Keep your kids coming back for more with the funny animation, demonstrating the sound in real life.

Occupy your young ones attention for hours, with our Interactive pronunciation practice pages.

Give your child a step up by helping them master the sound in everyday language and reading with the reading section.

This book is the ideal download for any parent that wants to get their children on the fast track to pronunciation and reading out loud!

Download Kids vs Phonics with your child Today!

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What makes Kids Vs Phonics special?


Reading is the single most important tool for an early learner. The quicker children learn to read, the faster they will accelerate in all areas of education. Reading is that important.

Your child will learn fast with KidsVsPhonics for the following reasons:

1. Your child can easily follow the gradual introduction of sound-spelling patterns, the building blocks of reading. These are introduced in carefully selected groups.

Each group makes up a level, and each level only includes sound-spelling patterns from that level or already introduced levels.
e.g. Level 1 includes only Level 1 patterns (a, d, s, t, etc.)
Level 2 includes Level 2 and Level 1 patterns.
Your child will be able to follow along the entire way.

2. Your child will have FUN with interactive books, videos and songs!

The stories are fun. The characters are fun. And each book comes with a video and song, so your child can reinforce his or her knowledge of each pattern.

3. Your child will get detailed information, as each pattern has its own book! No other series introduces all of the sounds!

4. The series places the focus on early learning:

Each book starts with Dolch words, the most common words in early-learning stories. These practical words will accelerate understanding of familiar childhood stories. In addition, we introduce phonetically correct onomatopoeia – words that represent sounds – to increase the fun level for kids and reinforce decoding of the language.

5. A familiar format will build your child’s confidence, so that your child gets excited about reading.

Alphabet phonics books each have 10 pages, and follow a common format, so that it becomes familiar.
After the alphabet phonics books, the books each feature 15 pages, but keep the same familiar format.

The Four Steps to Phonics



Watch a phonics video to hear the sounds!


Read the Free iBook to review the words and sounds!


Speak out loud with the fast and easy practice pages!


Sing along with catchy songs and master the phonics!

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