Kids vs Phonics: The App

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Kids vs Phonics App

Your child will fall in love with reading with Kids vs Phonics. Phonics is a proven method that brings letters and their sounds together. They will watch colorful video lessons. Hear the sounds; see the letters. They will start reading with books and stories. And sing along with songs to master the sounds for good.

Give your child the skills necessary for a successful life with Kids vs Phonics.

  • Hear the sounds and see the letters with Video Lessons!
  • Review the phonics and start reading with Books!
  • Speak out loud with the fast and easy Quiz Pages!
  • Sing along with catchy songs and master the phonics!
Kids vs Phonics App
Kids vs Phonics App
  • 10 Levels of Lessons with 5+ Lessons per Level
  • Each Lesson Contains a Video, Book, Quiz and a Song
  • FREE for the Android, iPhone and iPad
  • Perfect for Ages 3-5